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Did you know that every year, tens of millions of teeth are saved from extraction with endodontic treatment? Here at Abilene Endodontics, our experienced Abilene endodontist is well equipped to provide you with effective and precise care to help preserve the integrity of your natural smile. Whether you require a root canal procedure, the endodontic retreatment of a tooth, surgical root canal therapy, or the care of an expert for fractured, dislodge,  or avulsed teeth, you’ll be in the very best of hands at our office. As skilled and compassionate specialists, we make use of the most advanced imaging technology and equipment to consistently provide the highest quality of care.

Abilene Endodontist

In some cases, a tooth that has had a root canal, may not heal sufficiently, or can become re-infected. When this occurs, another type of treatment may be indicated to preserve and maintain the affected tooth. With a minor surgical procedure called an apicoectomy, the infection can be treated from the root-end of the tooth. Apicoectomies are an excellent procedure for preserving previously treated teeth, eliminating dental infection, and restoring the health of the surrounding tissues. They prove to be most useful in complex cases where fractures or hidden canals in a tooth can continue to cause pain or harbor bacteria. In some cases, apicoectomies offer an excellent alternative to redoing the root canal with a retreatment procedure, when such a treatment may further weaken and jeopardize the tooth. At our office, we make use of the state-of-the-art in diagnostic technology and treatment instrumentation, to plan and perform your procedure with the utmost exactitude. Depending on the complexities particular to your tooth, your Abilene endodontist may use a variety of high-precision tools in tandem with a surgical operating microscope to gently and safely perform your procedure.

When it comes to precision endodontic work, you can trust in the experience and skill of your Abilene endodontist. To schedule your next appointment, contact the helpful staff at Abilene Endodontics today!

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