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Where can I get a 79606 Root Canal?

For issues having to do with the interior of your teeth, the professionals at Abilene Endodontics are prepared to get to the root of the matter. As your single-stop resource for the highest quality endodontic care, our talented team of specialists have received extensive training in the provision of advanced treatments to the delicate vital centers of teeth. Prepared to address the most complex issues involving the need for a root canal in 79606, surgical root canal therapy, endodontic retreatment, or the most gentle treatment of cracked, split, or avulsed teeth, our practice is committed to providing you with the state-of-the-art care you deserve.

79606 Root Canal

When a tooth has sustained irreversible injury or dental decay has affected the innermost vital tissues, root canal in 79606 is commonly performed to help preserve and save the tooth. Although in the majority of instances, an initial root canal is a highly successful procedure, there are a few instances where complications can arise following a root canal procedure. Because a tooth, under these circumstances, has already been treated with root canal therapy, our endodontist may instead recommend a second procedure or endodontic retreatment to help save your tooth. Using the utmost gentle touch and extreme precision, the filling materials from the original root canal are carefully removed, followed by a clearing away of any additional or miniscule accessory canals. Once completed, the inside of the tooth is sealed anew to prevent bacteria from entering and to prevent any subsequent issues.

If you’re in need of a root canal in 79606, or require an endodontic retreatment, you can depend on the experienced team at Abilene Endodontics. To learn more about our practice and the many services that we provide, or to schedule your next appointment at our Abilene dental office, give us a call today!

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