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Root Canal in 79606

Root Canal in 79606

Whenever issues arise affecting the vital tissue of your teeth, you’re going to want to visit an experienced endodontist with an established reputation for excellence. At Abilene Endodontics, our talented team of endodontists make use of the most leading-edge treatment technology and techniques in the field of endodontics. Specialized in treating the most complex issues involving the inner tissues of your teeth, our team is fully equipped to provide a comprehensive range of endodontic treatment services, whether you require a root canal in 79606, endodontic retreatment, surgical root canal therapy, or the advanced treatment of dental injuries.

A root canal in 79606 is an extremely common procedure that is required to save teeth, which have sustained damage or infection to the vital tissues within the tooth. Although they are successful in the vast majority of cases, on very rare occasions, a tooth that has received a root canal procedure may need additional care. This may occur because a patient’s tooth has unusual anatomy, such as extra small or curved nerve canals, which are more difficult to treat. Additionally, if a restoration that is placed after root canal therapy such as a filling or crown becomes damaged, the inner portion of the tooth can be re-exposed to bacteria. In these situations, it’s of the utmost importance that your endodontist performs an endodontic retreatment to help rescue your tooth. Because the tooth has already been treated, the retreatment procedure requires the meticulous gentle touch that your endodontist is trained to provide. With an endodontic retreatment, the old filling materials from the original root canal are carefully removed, followed by a clearing away of any bacteria or infected tissue. Examining the tooth to make sure it has been wholly treated, the inside of the tooth is sealed anew to prevent any further infection.

If you’re in need of endodontic retreatment or a root canal in 79606, your endodontist at Abilene Endodontics is an exceptional resource. To schedule you next visit to our office for endodontic care, contact our office at the number provided below!

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