Where can I find an Endodontic Office in Abilene?

As endodontic specialists, the members of the professional team at the office of Abilene Endodontics are well versed in the complexities of the anatomy and biology of the teeth and the surrounding structures in and around the oral cavity. As an endodontic office in Abilene, our mission is to restore the oral health of patients with teeth that have been compromised by injury or decay so that they may once again enjoy the benefits of a healthy and beautiful smile.

Endodontic Office in Abilene

At Abilene Endodontics we often receive referrals from dentists in the area and the surrounding communities to consult on and treat what may be considered a more challenging case. The treating dentist recognizes that to save this particular tooth, or multiple teeth, requires the expertise of a specialist who has advanced training in the provision of endodontic care. As a state-of-the-art endodontic office in Abilene, we provide prompt, precise and effective care to treat teeth with unusual anatomy, calcified or extra canals as well as those in hard to reach areas of the mouth. Furthermore, we provide endodontic procedures to address teeth that for one reason have developed symptoms subsequent to an initial root canal procedure. For these teeth, we may perform a non-surgical retreatment of the tooth or a procedure, which is known as an apicoectomy, to seal off the end of the root to prevent further problems. Also, many dentists refer to our office and patients seek our care for teeth that have been fractured, dislodged or completely knocked out of the mouth. With advanced and precise care these teeth can be saved and maintained. Whatever type of nerve damage a tooth has sustained, the endodontic specialists at the office of Abilene Endodontics will provide the most appropriate and effective care.

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